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Job duties:

  • Supervision, inspection and coordination of work on site

  • Maintain and enforce good construction standards and quality control

  • Control and monitor labour, material and equipment

  • Expedite the resolution of any problems or conflicts that arise on site

  • Maintain progress on site as per schedule

  • Inform the Project Manager of any errors, discrepancies or omissions contained within the Consultant’s design drawings.

  • Maintain a safe job site and ensure that the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act are enforced

  • Coordinate and direct independent testing and inspections as required

  • Organize weekly trade meetings and daily safety meetings

  • Create weekly work plan

  • Check and approve reports (daily, deficiency, safety)

  • Report (by email) all deficient work to the contractor and Project Manager

  • Provide technical direction for the project

  • Monitor unit rate and hourly work

  • Create Request for information

  • Assist Project Manager in developing the project schedule

  • Ongoing maintenance of as-built drawing set

  • Inform contractors about scheduled dates for start of work scope (min. 2 weeks before)

  • Direct the purchase of building materials where required, as per agreement with project manager and generated project budget

  • Inspect all machinery and equipment


  • Education related to construction or equivalent work experience

  • 10 years of work experience as a construction site supervisor on a high-rise residential or ICI construction projects

  • Thorough knowledge of the Ontario Health and Safety Act and Ontario Building Code

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

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